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Welcome to a dentist in Sierra Madre that can provide each patient with the most advanced dental procedures that are currently available on the market. At Sierra Madre Dentistry, we provide a wide range of dental services and procedures, including everything from basic dentistry to aesthetic and specialist treatments, in order to fulfill and go above and beyond the expectations of each of our patients.




Reveal a Glowing Smile

Porcelain Veneers

At Sierra Madre Dentistry we offer veneers to patients looking to restore and enhance the look of their smile. Veneers, frequently referred to as “instant orthodontics,” may significantly alter the appearance of a smile. Veneers may cover severely discolored teeth and even cover chips and stains to promote a new flawless tooth. However, they may also change a tooth’s size and length, or they can make a tooth that isn’t straight more symmetrical. Veneers are a fantastic option for most patients looking to fix minor to more complex dental issues and concerns.

Veneers are handmade and individually designed to suit your smile, representing the pinnacle of dental art and science. These porcelain veneers, which are as thin as paper, attach easily to the surface of your teeth, giving it a very natural appearance. To learn more about porcelain veneers contact our dentist in Sierra Madre for an appointment.


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Customize the Smile of Your Dreams

Smile Makeovers

Creating your perfect smile while taking into account the shape of your face, your skin tone, your hair color, and your lips is the purpose of a smile makeover at Sierra Madre Dentistry. Our dental experts will include one or more of the following cosmetic dental treatments into your smile makeover, depending on your individual needs: veneers, crowns, bridges, fillings, and teeth whitening. During the consultation process, you will be able to fully customize your smile makeover to achieve the smile of your dreams.


Enhance Your Dental Health

Bridges & Crowns

At Sierra Madre Dentistry we offer bridges and crowns for patients who have broken or decaying teeth. Crowns and bridges strengthen your teeth and enhance your general dental health in addition to making your smile more aesthetically pleasing. When a tooth is lost, they may prevent teeth from “drifting” and realign teeth that are misaligned.

Crowns and bridges may survive ten years or more with appropriate care, and the majority do. The right kind of maintenance includes meticulous brushing and flossing as well as frequent hygiene visits to our clinic every six months. To learn more about crowns & bridges, contact our dentist in Sierra Madre to schedule an appointment. 


Get a Straighter Smile

Invisalign Treatment

Making the choice to have your teeth straightened is a significant one that has an impact on both your lifestyle and your look. As an adult, you may want to enhance your smile for social, professional, and even personal reasons. Or maybe you’re a teen or the parent of an adolescent seeking a successful but contemporary alternative to braces. In any case, Invisalign at Sierra Madre Dentistry may provide you a quick approach to achieve more symmetrical, straighter teeth.


Restore Your Smile

Dental Implants

Losing teeth without seeking treatment may put both your dental and overall health at risk. That said, at Sierra Madre Dentistry we offer dental implants that come highly recommended for people who are missing teeth and are looking for a solution that can permanently replace them.

We are recognized as a top dental office with our dentist in Sierra Madre having a substantial amount of years of expertise in the provision of high-quality dental implants. To ensure that each of our patients receives the highest possible standard of dental treatment, we combine our decades of experience with the most advanced dental technology available today to provide them with dental implants that can completely restore their oral health as well as enhance the look of their smile.


Dr. Maheen Kibriya

Dr. George Hanna

Viviane Haywood

About Us

A Dental Team You Can Trust

Our team at Sierra Madre Dentistry have years of experience providing our patients with leading and restorative dental treatments. We can now do things we never thought were conceivable because of the ongoing development of new technology, materials, and procedures in the dentistry field.

Our mission is to assist our patients in getting a gorgeous new smile, treating sensitive teeth, curing migraines and persistent headaches, and helping them with the serious dental issues they’re experiencing.

We welcome Delta Dental and Unum dental insurance plans.


I am so happy with the team at Sierra Madre Dentistry - it's a family business which I love. I had a filling, cleaning, and they even came in on a Saturday to fix one of my very old 20 year old fillings that had chipped...

Emil D.

This place is a hidden gem. First off, it was easy to make an appointment and they were able to get me in on my preferred day and time, accommodating me on my commute home...

Meghan S.

Very nice staff, kind dentist, felt very comfortable for my first visit. Pretty chill office, up the stairs in the back of the building complex. My husband and I had our first visits this past week, very pleased with our experiences...

Lisha G.

I am so happy with the team at Sierra Madre Dentistry - it's a family business which I love - they recently took over in January and I have been in a few times...

Hayden T.

I was in there today and they took x-rays. The whole process took like 5 seconds and they had my teeth up on the screen instantly. It was awesome and really easy...

Shelley W.

Meeting the dentists here for the first time eased any fears that I may have had. They were professional, kind, gentle, and my fears dissipated quickly...

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