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What Is Invisalign?

Traditional braces may be uncomfortable in addition to being quite visible in the mouth; however, Invisalign in Sierra Madre is nearly invisible to the eye. The invisible, pleasant, and removable Invisalign aligners make it easy to get straighter teeth and can be used both by adults as well as adolescents.

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How Does Invisalign Straighten Teeth?

Your teeth may be straightened with Invisalign by using a set of transparent aligner trays that are built to order. Every two weeks or so until your treatment is finished, you wear a new pair of aligners. Your teeth will progressively reposition themselves into the appropriate position when you wear a fresh set of trays. With the use of 3D computer imaging, we can predict how long your treatment will take and plan the movement of your teeth through those custom aligners.

How Do The Clear Aligners From Invisalign Work?

A set of personalized transparent aligner trays are worn to progressively realign your teeth using Invisalign Clear Aligners. Your dentist will change you to a new aligner as your teeth move, which will cause your teeth to move even more until your smile is straight. Before beginning your Invisalign in Sierra Madre, your dentist will take digital imprints of your teeth to make sure the aligners will fit you comfortably.

The process of straightening your teeth is made considerably simpler by the fact that Invisalign Clear Aligners are removable, making it simple to take them out while you eat or clean your teeth. Invisalign can be your best choice if you want to straighten your teeth without the obvious look of metal brackets in the mouth.

Are You A Candidate For Invisalign?

Adults, teenagers, and young people may be successfully treated with Invisalign Clear Aligners. The following factors can play a role in whether you are a candidate, including:

  • Tooth crowding,
  • Uneven teeth,
  • A tooth gap,
  • Overbite,
  • Underbite,
  • Crossbite,
  • Open mouth.
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How Long Do Most Invisalign Treatments Take?

With an average treatment length of 12 to 18 months, Invisalign treatment may be finished in as short as 6 months. The duration of your treatment will be set by your dentist based on your specific requirements.

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Benefits Of Invisalign

  • Transparent and detachable,
  • No dietary limitations,
  • Simple to clean,
  • A comfortable fit,
  • Not irritating to the mouth.

Invisalign in Sierra Madre have several advantages for patients and can be customized based on each individual patient. Due to the various benefits that Invisalign may provide, many individuals choose it over traditional braces.

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What Materials Are Invisalign Aligners Made Of?

SmartTrack, an elastic aligner material composed of medical-grade polyurethane resin and free of bisphenol-A (BPA), is used to make Invisalign transparent aligners. Thin, transparent aligners made of this thermoplastic material are created to order. To guarantee that you can prevent ulcers, they are smooth to the touch and free of rough edges.

How Often Should I Wear My Invisalign Braces?

For around 20 to 22 hours per day, you must wear your aligners during the day and night. Up until the end of your treatment, each set of aligners is worn for roughly one to two weeks before being changed out for the subsequent set in the series.

Is Invisalign Only Available To Adults?

No, you could be a good candidate for Invisalign as long as you have all of your permanent teeth. We now provide Invisalign for adolescents, adults, and children. Children aged 7 to 11 may get treatment from our experts using Invisalign in Sierra Madre.

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Why Choose Sierra Madre Dentistry for Invisalign

Sierra Madre Dentistry is your top choice for comprehensive dental care, specializing in Invisalign treatments. We prioritize your oral health by staying abreast of the latest research, procedures, and tools, ensuring optimal outcomes. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of Invisalign treatment and if you qualify, please give our clinic a call. We’d be happy to book you in for your first appointment and from there we will determine the specifics of your customized treatment with us!

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