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What Are Metal-Free Fillings?

Fillings composed of non-metal materials, often composite resin, are known as metal-free fillings. To ensure that the composite resin material blends in with the rest of your teeth, your dentist will color-match it to the adjacent teeth. Composite resin, one of the safest materials for restoring or repairing broken teeth, is a blend of plastic resin and a powdered glass filler.


  • Feel natural and blend in with your teeth,
  • Suited to the color and tone of your teeth,
  • Requires removing just a little amount of native tooth structure,
  • A secure in-office process,
  • Lack of discomfort and pain,
  • Very reliable and secure.

What Is The Metal-Free Filling Process?

An individual consultation with one of our dentists precedes the composite filling procedure. From there our experts will examine your teeth, take x-rays to see the interior of your teeth, and decide if composite fillings are right for you. The treatment strategy is created in accordance with your particular needs. In order to ensure that the composite fillings precisely match the tint of your natural teeth, the dentist will choose the right shade for them. Your teeth will be given topical anesthetic to make them as comfortable as possible before the dentist drills into your enamel to remove the rotten portions of your teeth.

The cavity will be cleaned out by the dentist, who could use a laser to eliminate any germs as well. Finally the medical expert will begin placing the composite resin material into the cavity after cleaning and etching your teeth. The composite filling will be hardened and fixed in place using a specialized curing light. After each layer of composite resin, the dentist will use a light before polishing and contouring away any extra resin.

How To Maintain Metal-Free Fillings

  • Floss and brush at least twice daily.
  • Be sure to be careful to clean food particles off of your teeth.
  • Avoid biting on hard items like ice and hard candies.
  • Schedule twice-yearly cleanings of your teeth.
  • Replace fillings that are broken or damaged right away.

Learn More About Metal-Free Filling Options In Sierra Madre

Modern general, aesthetic, and restorative dental treatments are the focus of our experts at Sierra Madre Dentistry. To treat your teeth and stop the development of bacterial decay, we provide metal-free, tooth-colored composite fillings options to all of our patients. To learn more about your metal-free filling alternatives, please make an appointment.

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