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What Is A Root Canal?

A frequent dental surgery called a root canal treats teeth that have a known infection or nerve damage. The technique involves extracting the pulp from the tooth to clear the infection.

The root canal process varies based on the patient but in most cases, the length of the nerve canal is left with a hollow hole as a result of this procedure. The hollow canal will subsequently be filled by the dentist.

A tooth that needs a root canal is often one that has lost a significant portion of its natural tooth structure, leaving it fragile and prone to fracture. To prevent the injured tooth from breaking, further operations such onlays, overlays, or crowns could be necessary for the optimal results from the treatment.

Does A Root Canal Procedure Require More Than One Visit?

Since it’s crucial that the interior of the tooth be properly cleaned, sterilized, and then filled with a non-irritating substance, the procedure may take two or more visits to complete.

The severity of the infection at the time therapy is begun, the number of roots present, and any calcified blockages within the roots will all affect how many visits are required.

What To Expect During Your Root Canal Procedure

It is usual to have some moderate discomfort or soreness between appointments and for a short while after the treatment is over. When this happens, it is often treatable with medicine that your doctor would advise or prescribe for you.

Sometimes a tooth that has been treated may re-infect and need either more treatment or removal. Any of these conditions can need the extraction of the tooth or a more involved surgical procedure.

To protect the structural integrity of the tooth and to guarantee that it can serve the patient for many years, it is often advised that a tooth that has had root canal therapy be repaired with a complete crown.

Signs You May Need A Root Canal

  • Difficulty chewing down on food,
  • Intolerance to heat or hot meals or beverages,
  • You have a “pimple” or visible drainage on your gingiva,
  • You have excess unexamined decay,
  • There are broad cracks in the teeth,
  • You have suffered past dental injuries that were not fixed,
  • Discolouration or darkening of the tooth.
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How Painful Are Root Canals?

Your comfort will be guaranteed by working with a fantastic dental staff and a kind dentist such as our very own Sierra Madre Dentistry team. In addition to sedation alternatives, our practice offers an anesthetic powerful enough to numb the gums and teeth. Our major concerns are your dental health and a peaceful experience.

How Long Do Root Canals Take?

A root canal procedure might take 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the degree of the infection and the amount of damage. They may sometimes take up to 90 minutes to finish.

What To Expect After Your Root Canal?

Following the surgery, you may anticipate some irritation, but this will pass fast. We will provide you with complete, in-depth information on how to take care of your tooth before you leave our Sierra Madre clinic.

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Learn More About The Root Canal Process In Sierra Madre

It’s never too late to come up to speed on proper dental health, so if you need a root canal in Sierra Madre, don’t wait for it to get worse. Contact our clinic right away to make an appointment, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our skilled dentists as soon as we can.

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