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What Are Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Wisdom teeth extractions are one of the procedures we offer to remove the unwanted wisdom teeth from the gums. Your dentist pulls the tooth from its bone socket during a tooth extraction. When a damaged tooth poses a risk to the health of your other teeth, gums, or mouth, it will only be removed surgically.

The last pair of molars that develop in the rear corners of a typical adult mouth are called wisdom teeth. This third set of teeth might crowd out developing teeth and can also prompt discomfort in some patients. Additionally, they could affect your dental hygiene. In this situation, your dentist could suggest having them removed.

What Is The Wisdom Teeth Removal Process?

We will first take an x-ray of your mouth before removing your wisdom teeth to make sure we are aware of their precise placement. This aids in determining the most effective removal path.

To guarantee your comfort, the region is then treated using an injection and/or topical anesthetic. We prefer to locally numb the region rather than utilize a general anesthetic since it might make you feel sick and have a slower recovery time.

Once the anesthetic has fully taken effect, we gently remove the tooth using specialized equipment. If necessary, we cut the gum, however this is not always essential. Dissolving stitches are then required to aid in healing. From there we will provide you with essential instructions to follow post-removal.

Reasons To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Although not all wisdom teeth need to be removed, wisdom tooth removal is often done due to an existing issue, such as discomfort, swelling, decay, or infection, or as a prophylactic step to avert more severe issues down the road. Untreated impaction of one or more wisdom teeth may lead to a variety of potentially dangerous consequences, such as:

Damage To Neighboring Teeth: Impacted wisdom teeth may cause tooth decay/cavities, periodontal disease, and even bone loss in second molars.

Disease: Although they are rare, tumors and cysts may develop in the tissues around impacted wisdom teeth.
Infection: Food particles and bacteria may become stuck behind the gum tissue, causing an infection. The infection may be very painful and dangerous.
Crowding Of The Teeth: In some cases impacted wisdom teeth might crowd other teeth and lead to their misalignment.

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Learn More About The Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process In Sierra Madre

Wisdom teeth removal surgery is one of the most common procedures done all around the world and is done for a variety of reasons. If you believe that you need your wisdom teeth removed, please get in touch with our experts to learn more.

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