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What Is A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are tiny caps that are affixed on top of a broken tooth to restore its strength, look, function, and integrity. When the caps are in place, they will seem just like natural teeth and will perform similarly to your actual teeth. Usually, tooth damage brought on by external forces, tooth rot, and normal daily usage necessitates the installation of dental crowns in Sierra Madre.

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Major Advantages Of Dental Crowns

  • Replaces missing teeth
  • Provides support for misaligned or severely damaged teeth
  • Looks extremely natural
  • Restore a perfect-looking smile
  • Fix practical chewing issues

What Is The Dental Crown Installation Process?

Your dentist will provide a local anesthetic before beginning the dental crown procedure. Your present damaged tooth will next be reshaped and shaved so that the crown will properly fit on it. A mold of the tooth and the adjacent teeth will be obtained once the injured tooth has been repaired in order to create your personalized dental crown. Your dentist will provide you with a temporary crown to wear while you wait for the creation of your finished crown in Sierra Madre.

You must visit your dentist’s office when your final crown is prepared so they can install it in place and assess if it is the proper fit for your mouth. Your tooth that is getting a crown may sometimes need additional care. If the circumstance demands it, you could also need orthodontic, gum, or root canal therapy in addition to having a dental crown.

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Dental Crown?

If you have teeth that are decaying, damaged, cracked, or shattered, dental crowns can be the best option for your oral issues. You may relax knowing that this therapy is tailored to your requirements to achieve consistently effective outcomes. Your teeth will look better and be healthier with dental crowns, and they will help stop additional deterioration. If you wish to improve the strength, functionality, and aesthetics of your teeth, dental crowns are the ideal procedure for you.

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Dental Crown Process: Step By Step

Since there are many procedures involved in installing a crown over a natural tooth, a full dental crown treatment often requires two dental appointments in total. The following are some of the steps you can expect during your visit for crowns in Sierra Madre:

Step 1: Cleaning Your Teeth

The outer layer of your tooth must be shaved down in order to make room for the crown. Deteriorating components will be removed as necessary, and if the crown requires extra support to be connected, more core and structure may also be added.

Step 2: Impressions

The dentist will make an imprint of your teeth in order to create a model on which to create the crown. A digital scan of the tooth or a mold may be used to create the imprint.

Step 3: Create An Interim Crown

You will be given a temporary crown to wear for slightly less than two weeks while the permanent crown is being made for you. Be aware that at this time your teeth may be sensitive to both hot and cold temperatures. Avoid chewing gum, consuming foods that are sticky, and using your jaw or teeth too forcefully while the side crown is being created.

Step 4: Modifications

Once your new crown is prepared, the dentist will make the necessary changes until the perfect fit is attained before placing it over your tooth. The dentist may finally cement it firmly in place if you are pleased and satisfied with how it feels and looks in your mouth.

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How Long Do Dental Crowns Last For?

Crowns in Sierra Madre typically endure between 5 and 15 years. It depends on the quality of the crown and, more importantly, on how well the user adheres to the recommended dental care practices and other personal oral hygiene routines.

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Dental Crowns FAQs

What are dental crowns made of?

Dental crowns can be made from various materials, including porcelain, ceramic, metal alloys (such as gold or silver), and composite resin. The choice of material depends on factors such as the location of the tooth, cosmetic preferences, and budget.

Are there any alternatives to dental crowns?

Depending on your specific dental needs, alternatives to dental crowns may include dental fillings, inlays/onlays, veneers, or orthodontic treatment. Your dentist will evaluate your condition and recommend the most suitable treatment option for you.

Are dental crowns suitable for children?

Dental crowns in Sierra Madre may be recommended for children in cases where a primary (baby) tooth is extensively decayed or damaged and cannot be restored with a filling.

Will I need to follow any special care instructions for my dental crown?

While dental crowns do not require special maintenance, it is essential to maintain good oral hygiene practices, including regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental check-ups. Avoiding chewing on hard objects or foods can also help prolong the lifespan of your crown.

Find Out If You Qualify For A Dental Crown In Sierra Madre

If you’re ready to fix any broken or chipped teeth, a dental crown may be exactly what you need. To learn if you qualify for a dental crown please give our office a call and we would be happy to get you started on an appointment with one of our experts.

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