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What Is General Dentistry?

At Sierra Madre Dentistry, we handle general dentistry gently and with the needs of the patient in mind. We treat individuals the same way we would treat our own families, which means we never over-treat; instead, we simply provide you with all of your alternatives so you can decide, with our advice, which course of action is best for obtaining your healthiest smile.

Our professionals are able to identify and treat any and all of your general dental difficulties by performing procedures such as routine cleanings and examinations, whitening treatments, cavity fillings, and root canal therapy, to name just a few of these procedures.

Our General Dentistry Treatment Options In Sierra Madre

Teeth Cleaning & Exams

Even though it’s comforting to know that we provide a wide range of treatments that may help you whiten and restore your smile, it’s crucial to schedule routine dental cleanings so that you can prevent the need for more involved operations.

During a regular teeth cleaning and exam appointment, your hygienist cleans your teeth to eliminate any plaque or stains that are staining them, giving you a whiter smile in the process. Any gum problems are also taken care of during this cleaning, preventing gum disease and early tooth loss. Regular cleanings twice a year lower your risk of dental issues in addition to preventing gum disease.

Additionally, regular cleanings let your dentist see potential issues like fractures or damaged fillings at an early stage. Consider regular dental cleanings an investment since treating these issues now will often be less expensive than waiting until you need more comprehensive restorative work.

Dental Sedation Treatments

If you are anxious or have a tendency to be sensitive to treatments, sedation may be a terrific alternative. Our Sierra Madre facility has the expertise and professional training to sedate patients to make the dental appointment more comfortable for patients.

Dental Fillings

Dental restoration, often known as dental fillings or just cavity fillings, are procedures used to replace lost tooth structure supported by dental implants as well as to restore the function, integrity, and morphology of missing tooth structure caused by caries or external injuries. At our Sierra Madre office we offer dental fillings for various dental conditions.

Root Canal Treatments

At our office in Sierra Madre, we offer root canals to treat infections or other problems inside your tooth. As such, each of our root canal treatments is made to fit the needs of the patient so that the service is painless and pleasant.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you are in need of having your wisdom teeth extracted due to pain, discomfort, or for causes that are more complicated, the professionals at our Sierra Madre Dentistry are skilled in making the extraction process as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Learn More About Our General Dentistry Options In Sierra Madre

Thanks to our extensive general treatment options, we are able to truly customize each dental experience to the patient. Give our office a call or fill out a contact form to learn more about the treatments and services available to you in Sierra Madre.

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