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What Exactly Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable replacement teeth that look and feel much like real teeth. They can be placed in the mouth when a person is looking to fill in a lost tooth or gap. The following are some of the dentures we offer in Sierra Madre:

Full Dentures:

Complete dentures are provided to patients after their natural teeth have been extracted in their entirety. When placing a conventional full denture, the dentist will wait until the gum tissue has completely healed, which might take many months.

Immediate full dentures are implanted temporarily in the mouth immediately after the patient’s natural teeth have been extracted, and they may need to be readjusted during the first few months of usage. That said, once the full dentures are ready for the patient, our experts will replace the dentures for the permanent set.

Partial Dentures:

The artificial teeth in partial dentures are secured to a metal framework that is fastened to the patient’s existing teeth. They are meant to take the place of permanent teeth once those teeth have been removed. It is possible to replace missing teeth with detachable partial dentures as an alternative to dental bridges.


Overdentures are a kind of removable denture that are used to replace lost teeth. They fit over the one or more natural teeth that are still present in the mouth and cover or rest on them. There are a few names for these dentures, including hybrid dentures and tooth-supported dentures.

How Can I Tell Whether Replacing My Teeth With Dentures Is The Best Option For Me?

Dentures are not a solution that works for everyone. Please arrange an appointment if you are interested in learning more about dentures and want to know whether they are the right decision for you based on the condition of your teeth. If you have any questions, our experts would be pleased to answer them, and we can also help you choose the treatment plan that will be most beneficial to your long-term oral health.

Why Choose Sierra Madre Dentistry For Your Denture Needs?

The Sierra Madre Dentistry is a leading denture clinic with the most contemporary technology, ensuring you have top quality treatments in a nice setting, to make each patient as comfortable as possible. We are dedicated to assisting you in regaining the brilliant, snow-white smile you have always envisioned for yourself.

Your Denture Treatment Process In Sierra Madre

If you need more preliminary work done, the dentist may need to see you for a greater number of appointments before fitting you with dentures. If that isn’t the case, the following is a rundown of the things that you should anticipate happening as we construct your dentures.

Dental Examination

To begin, a member of our staff will evaluate the condition of your oral health and conduct an examination of your teeth.

The Development Of The Dentures

The process of fabricating the dentures begins after the first appointment, when our dentist will build a mold of your teeth and collect measurements to guarantee that the dentures are a perfect match for your natural teeth. Following this, we will forward the findings to a dental laboratory so that the dentures may be fabricated in accordance with the requirements.

Denture Adjustments

Once the dentures are finished being fabricated, we will bring you in for a denture adjustment to verify that the dentures fit properly and do not cause you any discomfort. We are prepared to make modifications if they are required.

It is possible that it may take some time for you to acclimatize to wearing the dentures, eating with them, and speaking while you have them, but ultimately, you will have the same control and function as you would if you had natural teeth.

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Find Out If You’re A Candidate For Dentures In Sierra Madre

If you live in or around Sierra Madre and are interested in getting an evaluation for a new or replacement set of dentures, please get in contact with the welcoming dentists at our facility as soon as possible!

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