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What Is Children’s Dentistry?

Our pediatric dentist in Sierra Madre offers specific services with the goal of meeting the dental and oral health requirements of children at an early age. For children, particularly those with special needs, we specialize in preventative treatment, restorative therapy, light to moderate conscious oral sedation, general anesthesia, and dental health care.

little girl ready for her visit with pediatric dentist in Sierra Madre

What To Expect During A Children’s Dentistry Treatment In Sierra Madre

Many initial appointments are made with the intention of introducing your children to the dentist in order for them to have the most pleasant experience at our facility. That said, the initial session, which typically lasts no more than 30 minutes could contain the following:

  • A careful examination of the teeth, gums, bite, and jaw.
  • A delicate dental cleaning that removes stains, tartar, and plaque.
  • X-rays if needed.
  • Evaluation of the need for more fluoride, and if needed a quick fluoride treatment.
  • An illustration and walk-through of appropriate at-home dental care.

Since this is a general visit at our dental clinic, it is essential that you be aware that the specifics of each session will change depending on your child’s needs. If you have any questions about our pediatric dentist in Sierra Madre, please give a us a call.

Additional Treatments We Offer For Children In Sierra Madre

Along with our general dental treatments we offer to children, we also have additional treatments that can also be used in more complex cases:

  • Emergency pediatric dental treatments,
  • Examinations, procedures, and fillings,
  • Fluoride and adhesives,
  • General anesthetic, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide,
  • Early orthodontics, such as habit appliances, palatal expanders, and space maintenance
  • Treatments to help with thumbsucking.
girl during exam with pediatric dentist in Sierra Madre

Why Choose Sierra Madre Dentistry For Your Children's Dental Care?

Our goal at Sierra MadreDentistry is to provide your child a pleasurable dental experience. Pediatric dental treatment for children is provided by all of our dental experts as well as our highly qualified dentist who has years of experience providing unique treatments to children.

The mental and physical well-being of each child is our first concern, and we share this commitment with our hardworking team members. We teach our young patients that going to the dentist is an exciting experience by creating a pleasant, safe, and supportive atmosphere. For that reason, we have established a warm, child-friendly office where children can have fun, learn, and smile.

One of our goals for our pediatric dentist in Sierra Madre is to promote your child’s independence while educating him or her on the greatest oral hygiene practices. We also instruct them on choosing nutritious foods and forming wholesome behaviors. Our aim is to encourage your child to take an active interest in maintaining their smile. We will promote your child’s independence while educating him or her on the greatest oral hygiene practices as well. In order to keep their smile healthy for a lifetime, we want to assist your child in developing a passion for oral hygiene.

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Book Your Child's Dental Appointment With Our Expert Team In Sierra Madre

We would be happy to start your child on general and preventative dental treatments that will ensure the best teeth and oral health as they get older if you would just give our pediatric dentist in Sierra Madre a call today and let us know that you are ready to begin your child’s dental journey. If you would like to do so, please give us a call or fill out a contact form with your information.

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