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What Is Endodontics?

The branch of dentistry known as endodontics is mostly concentrated on the core of your teeth also known as the pulp in your teeth. Endodontics normally offers treatments such as root canals which may remove the diseased tissue if the pulp becomes compromised. The best choice for your long-term dental health is always to keep your natural teeth. In comparison to tooth extraction and replacement options, it is also the more affordable option. By employing root canals it can both lessen the possibility of the infection spreading and eliminate the excruciating pain you could be experiencing.

At Sierra Madre Dentistry, we make sure to inform you that root canals are quick, easy operations that enable us to shield your teeth from more damage.

Symptoms And Signs That You Might Need To See An Endodontic In Sierra Madre

There are a few indicators that might let you know whether you might need a root canal! The following are some of the symptoms:

  • Extreme dental sensitivity and discomfort that gets worse over time.
  • Gums that are tender or swollen which are close to infection.
  • Bad breath is independent of how consistently you wash your teeth.
  • A pus-filled bump may be seen in the gums around the hurting tooth.
  • Darkening or unexpected tooth discoloration.

Make an appointment with our dental staff if you have seen any of the aforementioned symptoms. We’ll be able to evaluate your condition and suggest the best course of action to help you feel better.

What To Expect During An Endodontics Treatment?

Our dentist will perform a root canal procedure to remove any germs from the affected tooth as well as any surrounding dead tissue. This protects any healthy tissue from contracting an infection in the future. After removing the damaged tissue, our dentist will fill the opening and reseal your tooth, preserving the integrity of the tooth. For increased strength and longevity, your tooth will often need a crown, inlay, or onlay.

Tips For Post-Op Care Following Root Canal Therapy

  • After the root canal treatment is finished, a temporary filling or crown is applied to safeguard the tooth in between sessions.
  • Your lips, teeth, or tongue may be numb for several hours after each session when anesthesia has been applied. Till the numbness has totally subsided, refrain from chewing.
  • For two hours, stay away from anything hot.
  • It is typical for a little bit of your temporary filling to wear off or break off. Call us so that it may be changed if the temporary crown or the whole filling comes out.
  • After a root canal visit, it’s common to feel some pain for a few days, particularly while chewing. Take painkillers like ibuprofen or Advil as directed to manage discomfort.

Learn More About Our Endodontics Services In Sierra Madre

If you believe you may be needing endodontics care please give our clinic in Sierra Madre a call and we would be pleased to book your appointment for you.

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