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What Is Scaling And Root Planing?

One of the most efficient non-surgical methods to treat gum disease before it becomes worse is scaling and root planing. Through scaling and root planing, the spaces between the gums and the teeth are thoroughly cleaned.

In essence, scaling involves eliminating dental tartar from the tooth’s surface. Root planing involves eliminating any diseased tooth structure and smoothing up the root surfaces. Tartar deposits might develop below the gum line if you have gum disease or gum pocketing because the gum pockets surrounding your teeth will have deepened.

You may help to manage your gum disease by carefully cleaning the root surfaces to remove plaque and calculus from deep periodontal pockets and flattening the tooth root to eliminate bacterial toxins.

How Many Scaling & Root Planing Treatments Do You Need For The Best Results?

Since each patient is different, the necessary number of thorough cleaning treatments also varies. Multiple dental appointments are often necessary because the dentist chooses to clean one quadrant of your mouth at a time unless your case is not as complex.

What Takes Place During A Scaling And Root Planing Treatment?

After carefully inspecting you to look for symptoms, our experts will decide if you are a good candidate for scaling and root planing.

During a scaling treatment, the dentist or dental hygienist removes plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth and the areas around them using a dental scaler. To ease your pain, our experts may provide local anesthetic.

The dentist then takes the following stage of polishing the tooth roots after getting rid of any harmful plaque and tartar deposits from below and above the gum line.

Making the roots smoother makes it more difficult for germs to adhere to the teeth. Smoother roots also make it simpler for the gum tissue to reattach to the teeth, which prevents periodontal pockets from forming. The areas that form between the teeth and gums are known as periodontal pockets.

The dentist could inject locally administered antibiotics into the periodontal pockets to finish the scaling and root planing treatments. Any bacteria that could be present in the periodontal pockets are the focus of these treatments.

What To Expect After Your Scaling And Root Planing Service In Sierra Madre

Patients who get a scaling and root planing procedure should maintain their dental health after the treatment. Home care is crucial to the healing process; food, debris, or plaque must be removed from the mouth to stop germs from inflicting more harm. Stopping the use of tobacco products will be crucial, as it will only help with healing and lower the risk of infection. Effective use of the toothbrush and floss will be necessary to keep the mouth clean at all times.

Finally, to combat germs and further lower the risk of illness following treatment, your dentist could suggest an antimicrobial mouthwash containing chlorhexidine gluconate.

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