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Our Specialty Treatments In Sierra Madre

At our dental practice in Sierra Madre, we provide a range of specialized treatments for a variety of dental conditions and problems, including the following:

Botox For TMJ

Botox may be used to treat numerous muscle-related problems, including TMJ, even though it is often used as a cosmetic therapy for fine lines and wrinkles. Thankfully Botox can be used to treat TMJ symptoms which may result in severe pain and functional problems.

Many patients are shocked to hear that TMJ symptoms including headaches, jaw discomfort, and other symptoms may be treated with Botox at our Sierra Madre office.

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Our endodontic experts have years of experience treating serious dental conditions that primarily damage the tooth pulp or cause infection. When treating dental pulp and root tissues, they only use cutting-edge techniques for the best results. Endodontists focus on treating the underlying problem while maintaining your original tooth for optimal oral health.

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Scaling & Root Planing

At our Sierra Madre office we offer scaling and root planing treatments to all of our patients. In some cases, your expert may advise that you have your teeth scaled, in which the root planing is often done at the same time. Deep cleaning is the term used to describe these services. That said, they go farther than a typical dental cleaning.

Gum disease, commonly referred to as chronic periodontal disease, may be treated with the scaling and root planing process. Depending on the severity of your problem, especially if you have receding gums, periodontal scaling and root planing may need more than one visit to the dentist’s office. It typically takes a few days to recover from this outpatient treatment, but it can provide exceptional results to patients.

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Why Choose Our Sierra Madre Dentistry Team?

Consistent And Experienced Dental Experts
The specialists at Sierra Madre Dentistry are dedicated to assisting you in achieving your optimal dental health results.

Full-Service Dental Care

To ensure that all of your oral health concerns are adequately handled, we provide a comprehensive variety of dental treatments and services.

Present-Day Technology

To guarantee that our patients get the quality care and outcomes they are entitled to, Sierra Madre Dentistry places a high priority on continuous education and modern tools like digital x-rays and intraoral cameras for the best results.

Services For Prevention And Patient Education

Through proactive, preventative dental and periodontal treatments as well as continued patient education, we encourage optimal oral health.

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Learn More About Our Specialty Treatments In Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre Dentistry is happy to provide cosmetic dental services like veneers and teeth whitening to help you attain your perfect smile as well as general and specialized treatments based on your needs. To get started on your treatment please give us a call or fill out a contact form on our website.

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